In today’s world of fast-paced, high volume and often lower-margin business, even small losses in product or cash from registers and stores can result in heavy overall losses for the business. It is for this reason, that business owners continue to search out new ways to help prevent losses, and recover from losses when they occur. Business Security CCTV Camera systems have been one avenue that many business owners are starting to employ.

In years past, surveillance camera systems were reserved to only the top fortune companies, as even a basic system would cost from $20,000 – $40,000 and would involve painstaking labor to have it set up and to keep it operating. With the recent advancements in technology, the cost of systems have dropped and the quality of systems have improved to the point where virtually any business can afford them. Along with the increase in quality, are new added features employed by a select few set of systems on the market. These include the addition of PDA Phone Remote Client software: Allowing you to monitor your Live and pre-recorded cameras right on a Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 PDA phone; Windows Mobile Smartphone Client Software: Allowing the same Live and pre-recorded viewing of video right from a smartphone; and even Java Cell Phone Remote Client software, which allows for live video right on any java-enabled cell phone. With all of the added features of the new business security camera systems, prices have lowered to the point where many businesses get started with a basic system for less than $500 and may expand the system later as needed.

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