Here is an absolute tragic story of an home invasion where a  bunch thugs killed  an innocent 1 year old.

This senseless crime is not typical but the mindset of these thugs are all the same…invade a defenseless home and take advantage of the elderly, weak or defenseless.

They pretend to be salesmen or service men and knock on your door and wait for you to answer the door by opening it up.

But this is the wrong thing to do, we teach our kids never to open the door to a stranger but why do so many adults fall victim to this invasion?

One Year Old Boy killed in home invasion

Mesa, AZ (KPHO/CNN) – A one-year-old child in Mesa, Arizona is dead and the suspected killer is on the loose.

Investigators say the boy was shot to death during a home invasion early Monday at an apartment complex.

The boy’s grandmother says she was doing laundry with her door open when two armed, masked men entered her home.

The woman says she struggled with the gunmen and a shot was fired.

“Anytime you have a home invasion that in and of itself is not necessarily unusual, but when there is a shot that’s fired and it strikes a completely innocent one-year-old, whether or not some other drug involvement or something we find out later it is very unusual and tragic to say the least that this baby was killed in this, what looks like, a robbery attempt or a home invasion attempt,” said Sgt. Ed Wessing with the Mesa, Arizona Police Department.

The boy was pronounced dead at a hospital.

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The safe and economical solution is as simple as a front door intercom with a camera that records video of the front door area.

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