Consumers Willing to Spend $10 a Month on Smart Home Services

A recent report shows that Consumers Willing to Spend $10 a Month on Smart Home Services. In my opinion, the most innovative and exciting advanced technological breakthrough in the alarm industry occurred in 2010. It has sent shockwaves through the alarm industry and had the big players scratching their heads. The product was the CEA 2011 product of the year and the winner of 2011 Maximum Impact winners award.

As an Alarm Company and user of DSC, Honeywell and GE products for the last 20 years, you get set in your ways and get stuck waiting for innovative security solutions.

But the game all changed back in 2010 when I went to the International Security Conference Expo in Las Vegas. It was at this show that I met a manufacturer and genius product that absolutely knocked it out of the park with a security design that makes all other controls panels and security systems look like they were made in the 1960’s. It was that good.

There is NOTHING that even comes remotely close to the simplicity, reliability and genius of this product.

Of course, I’m talking about 2 Gig Go Control!

Goodbye boring convoluted security keypads and systems, false alarms and user manuals, say hello to your home’s next best friend.

No it’s not a puppy, it’s a security system that uses a interactive talking display that is easier to use than a electric toothbrush. Go Control is so intelligent, the question should not be what can it do, the better question would be, what can it not do?

SAN DIEGO — Smart home cloud-based services revenues, which include home monitoring and energy services, will reach $5.8 billion worldwide by 2015, according to new research.

Titled “Smart Home Sensor Networks,” the report by technology research firm ON World Inc. states that 38 million households worldwide will have a smart home system by 2015.

“Demand for energy solutions has invigorated the smart home market,” ON World Research Director Mareca Hatler says. “It’s resulted in cloud-based innovations that make smart home services accessible for the average household.

Of the more than 500 consumers surveyed for the report, four in five respondents are “interested” or “very interested” in security, safety, lighting and energy management applications. Meanwhile, 29 percent said they are willing to spend $10 or more per month for a smart home cloud service.

The research is good news for companies, such as ADT, Comcast, Rogers Communications, Verizon and Vivint, which have started offering cloud-based services to customers. Offerings include solutions for advanced security, lighting controls, energy management and home automation.

“There are almost as many ways to deliver smart home services as there are smart home system variations,” Hatler says. “Broadband and security service providers are the first to offer mass market solutions, and we are seeing disruptive offerings in the cable TV, mobile and retail channels.”

Other report findings note that energy management equipment will increase by a 56-percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) within the next five years. Additionally, ZigBee and Z-Wave will have more than half of the sensor network market in 2015. However, emerging technologies such as Wi-Fi and 6LoWPAN are projected to grow even faster.

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The 2 Gig Go Control has every bell and whistle that you could imagine you would want and need in a security system to outfit a smart home like this. But that is only the beginning, this is a security system we can install it in less than 4 hours in a typical Southern California home or business. And here is the best part about it…it’s completely affordable for everyone.  Systems starting at only $399.00.