This is your typical home invasion through the front door. The good news is the homeowner was prepared for the perpetrators when they entered his home. This why a full perimeter security system is so important for you, your home and family, it prepares you for these type of break ins and it also sometimes scares the perpetrators away. It also gives you time to load the Smith and Wesson and put an end to this invasion quickly if needed.

The Rancho Mirage Police Department responded to a burglary in progress call Friday night at 11:20 p.m. at a residence located on University Circle.

The caller reported that he had fired his gun at the suspect when the suspect pushed his way through the door and attempted to enter.

Upon arrival at the scene, police officers located a man in the front yard of the residence suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The suspect was taken to Desert Hospital and treated for his injuries.

The homeowner stated that a second suspect fled the area in an unknown type of vehicle on Bob Hope Drive.

At this time the Rancho Mirage Police have yet to positively identify either of the suspects.

Police are continuing to investigate this incident and ask anyone with information to call Investigator Ben Ramirez at the Rancho Mirage Police Department at (760) 836-1660. Information can be left anonymously at (760) 341-7867.

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The worst nightmare of any man is a perpetrator getting into his home undetected. That’s where a perimeter security system comes in.