Ladera Ranch

Back in June I had an opportunity to meet several residents of Ladera Ranch at the Flintridge Village Clubhouse for a meeting on home security and safety held by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department after a rash of local home invasions and burglaries had rocked the close and beautiful community.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Lieutenant Jim Rudy gave great insight and  security tips to homeowners. Well soon after this meeting another home invasion/burglary took place. This story of a home invasion/burglary will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

A  Ladera Ranch woman came home and confronted two thugs who had been going through her personal things and had violated her family  living space. In that split second this woman realized that her life was  in danger and the adrenaline rush had put her on full alert. Nothing can prepare you for this type of sudden confrontation and fortunately in this case the crooks were not armed.  But what if they had been? The one thing that all crooks have in common is they don’t really care about you or me, they look for the weak link and they attack with a vengeance.

On a weekday evening in mid-July, a home in the heart of Ladera Ranch was burglarized by two young men.

While the husband was parking his car in the garage his wife entered the home and was confronted by one of two strangers who had entered the house while they were out.

After a few words were exchanged, the wife went to get her husband, but by then the two young intruders had driven off.

The homeowners discovered some very valuable items were missing from their home and filed a report with the Sheriff’s department.

They also helped a sketch artist to develop a bulletin including a picture and description.

The intruders were described as two white males in their early 20’s and having shaved heads.

Anyone who has seen the suspects, or has information that would help the investigation, contact Orange County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Horner at 949-425-1938.

Why anybody in this day and age would live in a home without a security system absolutely astounds me. Unfortunately the days of living in Mayberry are over and with the economy being so awful, home invasion and burglary are on the rise. If you can afford a Smartphone you can definitely afford to protect your home and family with a security system.