There is nothing that prepares you for waking up with a burglar or intruder in your house. This is a life changing event and is most men’s biggest nightmare. You see it in the movies, where the bad guys break in undetected and are able subdue the man of the household without a whimper. Well, I don’t know about you or these movies but I want to know when someone is trying to break into my home and I also want to have time to wake up my pets, Smith and Wesson, and be prepared to defend my home.

COSTA MESA — Police say a resident getting up to go to the bathroom early Sunday noticed something unusual in his apartment’s living room.

That something turned out to be a burglar, clutching some jewelry and trying to hide, Costa Mesa police Sgt. Matt Grimmond said.

The resident immediately jumped on the intruder, who claimed he was a Costa Mesa police officer. The ruckus woke up the apartment’s other resident. He jumped onto the burglar, holding him down until the police arrived.

All the while, “The guy’s yelling he’s going to kill them for calling (the police department),” Grimmond said.

Police responded to the apartments on the 300 block of West Wilson Street just after 5:30 a.m. Officers identified the alleged intruder as Jason Brent Beverly, 37, of Palm Springs. They booked him on suspicion of burglary.

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This story had a happy ending with the homeowner being able subdue the crook along with his neighbor until the authorities arrived. But why would anybody in this day and age not have a security system for their home? “Hope” of not getting broken into is a lousy security system, it’s like playing Russian roulette with your family’s lives.

Take the right steps in preventing home burglary and home invasion from happening to you and your family  by making  sure that your residence is as secure as possible.  A careful inspection by a trained expert in security precautions can indicate features which would make entry easy — or difficult — for a prospective burglar or home invader.

Chances are good that everyone’s home security can be improved. Take a hard look at entry points in your home and determine what steps can reduce your vulnerability. A security inspection begins at the front door and goes on to include side and rear doors, windows, locks, lights, and landscaping. With a security audit or consultation from a trained expert, the expert can indicate security weaknesses or hazards that require your immediate attention.