Home invasion or a burglary can happen in the blink of an eye. This frightening home invasion could have turned out a lot worse. I can’t imagine the feelings this woman had as this car burglar thug drove away with her baby in the SUV. Always remember to keep your garage door closed at all times until you’re ready to leave. And never leave your home without making sure your garage is completely closed and secure before driving away. Thugs are opportunistic and are always looking for the easiest home on the block to invade.

ALISO VIEJO – A 2-year-old boy was briefly kidnapped Saturday morning when a man stole his family’s SUV from the house garage.

The child’s mother, who was not identified, had loaded the toddler into the SUV and gone back in her house on Golf Drive shortly after 8 a.m., Orange County Sheriff’s Lt. Stu Greenberg said. That’s when a man entered a residence’s open garage and got into the SUV.

When the woman came out, she saw the man behind the wheel and chased the vehicle as the man drove away. Once on the street, the man stopped the car and fled on foot. The car hit the woman on the way out of the garage, though the impact did not appear to cause serious injuries, Greenberg said.

Police set up a perimeter and, based on witness descriptions, arrested James Corr, 33, within 30 minutes of the incident, Greenberg said. He was booked on suspicion of kidnapping, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary.

The boy was not harmed.

Corr was arrested June 15 on suspicion of possessing burglary tools after he was stopped for a traffic violation. He pleaded not guilty on that charge and was released without bail.

He was arrested again Oct. 7 and released Thursday after the District Attorney’s Office declined to press charges. It is unclear from online court records why he was arrested that time.

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Don’t become crime bait.  Make your home a fortress to criminals, install  security cameras, security lights and a security system with signs that let everyone know that anytime they walk onto the property they are being fully detected and recorded for any criminal conduct.